Jeremias Schwarzer

TRANSIENT: Interdisciplinary art projects in our current times of transition

The artistic activities of the TRANSIENT Academy and the TRANSIENT Impuls Festival aim to make comtemporary music and art as creative, communicative and accessible forms of storytelling for socially relevant content tangible even in places and communities away from cultural centers. With the help of central topics that are relevant to everyone and the involvement of as many local actors as possible, artistic events are co-created by many. In this way, creativity can be experienced as a force that shapes the future.

TRANSIENT Lab 2022: lively...Nature and Music.

The laboratory character of 2022 was chosen in order to transfer the reflection and processing of the experiences of the flood disaster that hit the region in 2021 into creative processes. With the involvement of local actors, artistic events will also be co-created on site and the 2023 festival will be prepared. Young professional musicians up to the age of 30 can apply with their own project ideas for the TRANSIENT Academy in October 2022 in Kronenburg.

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